Mojave Desert

Mojave Desert - leaves and stem

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Desert Internet Research Summary Mojave Desert Made up of 15 thousand square miles of barren mountains from 2000 to 5000 feet tall and low flat valleys, the Mojave dessert is located in the southern portion of California. The desert was formed by the Sierra Nevada’s rain shadow ( The climate consists of consistently warm with temperatures ranging from 8ºF in the winter to 119ºF in late summer and the Mojave usually receives around 5 inches of rainfall annually, mostly during the winter months ( The Mojave also receives strong high winds during the afternoon and evening. The Joshua tree, located only in the Mojave Desert, can grow from 15 to 40 feet tall (depending on conditions) and live up to 200 years ( The Joshua tree, to conserve energy, does not flower annually but waits for adequate water. Saltbrush is closely related to the tumbleweed and is able to survive due to scurf, small white scales that cover the
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Unformatted text preview: leaves and stem ( Desert Tortoises can live to be 80 years old. They can escape the desert heat by digging burrows ( The Mojave Rattlesnakes can grow from 2-4 feet in length and are found under brush and other growth to hide from direct sunlight ( Bibliography Author not available, MOJAVE DESERT . , The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition 2006 BW. 2001. Mojave Desert Climate Alice H. 2001. Joshua Tree Author not available. 2001. Common Saltbrush Author not available, 2001. Desert Tortoise
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Mojave Desert - leaves and stem

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