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10.17 - • Camouflage • High speed movements o Often...

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Animal characteristics 4 lists Lecture only Recitation only Textbook only Multiple sources – trichomes Characteristics – MAMALS Multicultural Eukaryotic Motile Heterotrophic o Respiration Sugar+ O2 => CO2 + h2o+heat All organisms respire Breathing 02 in, co2 out o Feeding Get sugars and other nutrients into the body Sugars combine with oxygen in cells Feeding strategies – o Predator Roadrunner Predator strategies Stalking
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Unformatted text preview: • Camouflage • High speed movements o Often coupled with other strategy • Trap setting • Physical weapons • Teamwork o African wild dog o Orca whales o Scavenger o Detritovore o parasite • Prey defenses – o Fight back o Armor o Chemical defenses o Warning colors o Camouflage o Explosive movements o Complex maneuvers o “acting” dead Possum - pass out • Smell bad o Safety in numbers...
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