11.9 - iii smokey the bear 1 forest fires a reduces...

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1. Taiga (boreal coniferous forest) a. No permafrost b. Cold c. Moderate precipitation d. Canada i. Primarily taiga (46%) ii. Little bit of tundra (27%) e. Russia i. Siberian crane 2. temperate forest a. moderate forest i. coniferous forest 1. west usa ii. deciduous forest 1. east usa 2. warmer 3. summer precipitation iii. small difference between temp and precipitation 3. Deforestation a. Not regrowing b. What to do with the remaining forests i. Habitat loss 1. forest 2. stream 3. due to erosion ii. forest recovery takes a long time 1. recovery is slow or incomplete
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Unformatted text preview: iii. smokey the bear 1. forest fires a. reduces competition b. recylce nutrients c. reduced insect damage d. thin trees 4. tropical rainforest a. equatorial b. forest layers i. emergent layer ii. canopy iii. understory iv. shrub v. herb c. epiphytes i. plants that grow on plants d. productivity is high i. poor soil nutrient poor 1. nutrients are closely cycled by the organisms e. deforestation i. loss of nutrients ii. large amounts of erosions...
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11.9 - iii smokey the bear 1 forest fires a reduces...

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