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Lecture Notes: 9-12-07 ORGANISM/ENVIRONMENT RELATIONSHIPS Range of Tolerance and the Ecological Niche Environmental Constraints on the Distribution of Species Adaptations Biomes Natural Systems of Wisconsin Goals for this Lecture--Students will be able to: Understand how specific environments influence the form, function, reproductive strategies and behavior of organisms. Illustrate how different kinds of organisms adapt to specific environmental factors. Physical and chemical laws set limits on the survival of organisms In this branch of ecology we are interested in studying the interactions between climate and microclimate and the structure, function, and distribution patterns of organisms. We are concerned with how physical environmental factors affect the physiology and behavior of organisms; how fast they grow, how many offspring they have, how fast they can move, etc. CLIMATE: Regional patterns of daily weather; pattern over time in one place MICROCLIMATE: Local, site-specific weather phenomena
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lecture_notes_9_12_07 - Lecture Notes ORGANISM/ENVIRONMENT...

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