CE 102 - Aesthetic Impact

CE 102 - Aesthetic Impact - park is very large and after a...

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Aesthetic Impact Though the plan calls for removal of two trees and some excavation of current grass area, the plan also includes an addition ten landscape pieces. In order to keep the aesthetic impact low, the design attempts to hide the paved parking area with landscaping. The park surrounding the parking lot, as of today, covers the existing lot very well and the proposed design is anticipating that most of the current landscape will hide the parking expansion as well. Not unlike many public works projects, the likelihood that there would be dissent from neighborhood opposition is most likely. The opposition will probably not like the fact that there is so much grass area removed. However, this
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Unformatted text preview: park is very large and after a few hours of surveying the park traffic, the park is rarely full and there is a giant area still left. The opponents may also be worried about an increase in traffic around the area due to the parking. Because most of these spaces are going to be used by faculty during the week, traffic will most likely be during two periods of the day. Also, the game day traffic when alumni come down is already high and the majority of people already anticipate elevated traffic levels. In addition, the new lot can serve as a new tailgating area for fans....
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