CE 102 - No action alternative

CE 102 No action - other lots around campus can be used for other purposes including student and alumni parking If no action is taken the lot is

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The Proposal vs. the No Action Alternative The proposal will save money or even make money in the long run because as Oregon State University ages, alumni will grow allowing for more demand in parking during special events. Also, the University will have the opportunity to sell more parking passes to students on and off campus. Furthermore, many of these spaces may be able to be metered allowing for more revenue. Also, if this area becomes a staff parking lot,
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Unformatted text preview: other lots around campus can be used for other purposes, including student and alumni parking. If no action is taken the lot is limited on its revenue. The University would be able to have no interruption in their parking structures if there was no action taken. However, the proposal seems as though it would be a good investment for the future....
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