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Lecture Notes September 5, 2007 One of the major goals of all of the courses in the Biocore Program is to: Understand how we know what we know the nature of science and of scientific theories The goal of science is to develop a body of theory about how the world works. What , then is Theory ? DEFINITIONS OF THEORY An explanation for a phenomenon or group of phenomena ( science ) A conjecture or guess (my theory is he’s lying) A body of principles and methods (as contrasted with “practice”) Scientific Theories are explanations derived using a self-correcting process
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Unformatted text preview: (scientific method), and are supported by a wide array of evidence. Theories are always subject to change/modification in the light of new information. By the end of Biocore, you should be able to conduct scientific investigations and to interpret and evaluate conclusions drawn by other scientists. You should have developed skills and confidence in approaching problems; be able to state basic assumptions, evaluate a suite of data and make decisions about relevant information; and make logical conclusions backed with evidence ....
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