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CE 102 - Project Summary - 196 new spots over the 117...

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Project Summary The proposed design straightens out Campus Way between NW 14 th and NW 11 th and offers diagonal parking spaces on either side of the one lane street. Furthermore, the existing parking is expanded northward toward Monroe adding above 50,000 ft² for parking. On the south end of the project there will be an additional ten trees planted. Also, four light poles need to be moved in order to complete the project. The total parking spaces that this expansion will yield is 313 parking spaces. A much improved
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Unformatted text preview: 196 new spots over the 117 original spaces. The parking added is not only to eliminate the 6 hours a week that the lot is full but it is also intended to serve as a new area to gain revenue for the University through metered parking and student parking. The estimated cost is $699,100 and it includes 53400 ft of new asphalt, 500 ft of new sidewalk, and 10 new trees. At the cost of today, each new parking spot will cost $3,566.84 each....
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