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10.24 - • Eusocieties – super societies o Social group...

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Animal groups o Aggregates – animals are attracted to common resource o Anonymous groups – animals are engaging in similar activity o Society – animal groups with long-term personal interactions Interactions in societies o Cooperative – both animals benefit (dung beetles) o Altruistic – one animal sacrifices for another (Prairie dogs) o Selfish – one animal harming another (lions) o Spiteful – both animals are harmed actor + - recipient + cooperative altruistic - selfish spiteful o Animal play Leaping around – train to find food Defend against siblings - Predator avoidance Biting on the neck – reproduction Play with a parent will contribute to parenting Playing makes you feel good
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Unformatted text preview: • Eusocieties – super societies o Social group or society in which participants serve very specific roles o Termites – build structures (cities) Food collectors Food processors Builders Tend the larva Tend the queen The queen Defenders is done together o Honey bees Queen - reproduction Drone – males Workers – female non reproductive • Tend to the next generation • Maintain the honey • Pollinators o Naked mole rats Defenders Diggers Find food Reproductive female Female cleaners of alpha and babies Cleaners of all other naked mole rats...
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