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ECON202 - ECON202 syllabus

ECON202 - ECON202 syllabus - Econ 202 Principles of...

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Econ 202: Principles of Macroeconomics (4 credits) Term: Spring, 2008 Classroom: With 109 Time: 10 – 12, Tuesday, Thursday Instructor: Bruce McGough Office: 311, Ballard Ext. Office Hours: 4:00 – 5:30 Tuesday, Thursday Phone: 737-1429 E-mail: [email protected] Homepage: http://oregonstate.edu/~mcgoughb/ Text: R. Hall and M. Lieberman (2008): Macroeconomics, Principles and Applications, 4 th Edition. Thomson South-Western. Other Course Materials: Aplia Website , http://econ.aplia.com Note on course materials: This course requires access to the Hall and Lieberman text and requires students to open an Aplia account. Aplia is a web-based economics instruction tool. These materials may be purchased in two different bundles: 1. E-book and Aplia account 2. Hard copy of text and an Aplia account (This option includes access to the electronic version of the text.) See the instructions in “Course Documents” (blackboard) for details on how to purchase these course materials. The purchase of a hard copy of the text, which includes a password to a prepared Aplia account, is also possible at the book store. Finally, if you choose option one and decide you want a hard copy of the text, you may order it through the above website for the price of option two minus the price of option one. Prerequisite : Math 111 or equivalent
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Student Learning Outcomes: Per university policy, we now specify student learning outcomes for all courses. According to the Office of Academic Programs, student learning outcomes are specific statements indicating an understanding, knowledge, or skill-set that a successful student will have obtained upon the completion of a course.
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