ENGR 211 Course Syllabus F2007

ENGR 211 Course Syllabus F2007 - ENGR 211 STATICS(Fall 2007...

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ENGR 211 - STATICS (Fall 2007) Oregon State University College of Engineering Instructor : Dr. Walter L. Trimmer (Owen Hall 248, 737-2057) [email protected] Lectures: MW 0900 & MW 1300 in Dearborn 118 ENGR 211 Recitations Fall Term 2007 Section Time Room Instructor 11 R0800 WNGR 149A Nick Tymvios 12 R1000 ROG 332 Natalie Grenz 13 R1200 PHAR 107 Nick Tymvios 14 R1400 GLSN 100 Natalie Grenz 15 R1600 OWEN 106 Nick Tymvios 16 R1800 OWEN 106 Nick Tymvios 17 R0800 GRAF 303 Cory Loomis 18 R1000 GRAF 303 Cory Loomis 19 R1200 GRAF 303 Cory Loomis 20 R1400 GRAF 303 Cory Loomis 21 R1600 GRAF 303 Cory Loomis 22 F1000 ROG 332 Natalie Grenz 23 F1200 ROG 440 Natalie Grenz TA’s : Natalie Grenz [[email protected]] Nicholas Tymvios [[email protected]] Cory Loomis [[email protected]] Your first contact for questions should be the TA assigned to your recitation section. If you have questions or issues that are not resolved to your satisfaction, my office hours will be MW 2 to 3pm but preferably by appointment (send email.) 1
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ENGR 211 - STATICS (Fall 2007) Email: This course depends heavily on on-line resources. Every student must have an ONID account. You should read email daily to check for announcements or assignments. Note: a class email distribution list will be generated from ONID accounts. The only “forwarding” that can be done is to an ENGR account. Any other forwarding is not guaranteed to work. When emailing the instructor or TA put ENGR 211 & question in the subject line. Course Description Analysis of forces induced in structures and machines by various types of loading. PREREQ: Sophomore standing in engineering. Basic Course Learning Objectives : To successfully complete this course, a student must demonstrate the ability to: 1. Present all work in a professional manner. 2. Draw a complete and correct free body diagram of an object. 3. Calculate resultant vectors from a system of forces & moments. 4. Write and solve applicable equations of equilibrium for statically determinate objects. 5. Apply statics concepts to trusses, frames & machines, and calculation of internal forces. 6. Determine the centroid and moment of inertia for an arbitrary area. 7. Use common engineering problem solving methods. Text
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ENGR 211 Course Syllabus F2007 - ENGR 211 STATICS(Fall 2007...

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