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ENGR 211 Fall 2007 Recitation 1 27 & 28 September 2007 Do your work in proper engineering format. 1. Find the volume of the object shown. Show 3 significant figures in units of mm 3 . Hint: break up the object into sections of regular geometric shapes. Try setting up the solution in a table. 2. When oil under pressure is put in the cylinder, the shaft pushes out and compresses the spring. If: ± the oil pressure is 1000 psi; ± the inside diameter of the cylinder is 6 inches; ± the spring is initially 3 ft. long and ± has a spring constant, k , of 16,000 pounds per
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Unformatted text preview: foot. What is the length of the compressed spring? Hint: the force from the cylinder, F = pA , is the force on the spring, F = k L. 3. When the length of the cord AC , l = 4 ft. , what is the tension acting along AC to 2 significant figures? What is the tension in AB? Hint: the system is in equilibrium. Replace the cords with force vectors acting along the same lines of action then rearrange the vectors to form a closed triangle and find . You can move a vector along or parallel to its line of action without affecting its direction....
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