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ENGR 211 Fall 2007 Recitation 3 11 & 12 October 2007 1. A construction crane must keep its balance over the tower, so the Σ M p must equal zero to be in static equilibrium. If the counter-balance weight, W 2 , weighs 40 kips (a kip is 1000 lb) and D 2max = 60 ft. a) Find the maximum distance out the boom, D 1 , that a load of 25 kips can be safely lifted. b) Find F y at P. Start by drawing the FBD. Set up the basic equations to balance moment and force.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. A balloon is being held by holding the tethers B, C and D. The total mass of the balloon and payload is 90 kg and the upward buoyancy force exerted by the balloon is 1000 N. What is the tension in Newtons in each of the tethers prior to launch? 3. If r = [3 i + 5 j – 2 k ] and F = [32 i-7 j + 19 k ] a. Find the angle between the two vectors (dot product) b. Find M = r × F...
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