ENGR 211 Recitation 7

ENGR 211 Recitation 7 - B ? (note the symmetry) There is a...

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ENGR 211 Recitation 7 Problem 1. Show the distributed loading from the floor on the front floor beam ( AB ) and the equivalent system of a single force acting the floor beam (magnitude and position) for a required design load of 40 lb•ft -2 live load and 10 lb•ft -2 dead load. What is the reaction at
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Unformatted text preview: B ? (note the symmetry) There is a similar simply loaded floor beam CD . A B 10 feet 18 feet C D 5 ft 20 feet Front View Plan View Problem 2. For the piece shown below, find the x and y centroids. Try setting up a table to solve this. Problem 3. Find the center of gravity (2-D coordinates) for the ATV....
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