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Oregon State University College of Engineering ENGR 211 – Statics (F08) Syllabus Catalog Description: Analysis of forces induced in structures and machines by various types of loading (3 credits). Learning Objectives: After successfully completing this course, you will be able to: Draw a complete and correct free body diagram of an object. Calculate resultant vectors from a system of forces and moments. Write and solve applicable equations of equilibrium for statically determinate objects. Apply the above to trusses, frames, machines, and other assemblies. Draw shear and moment diagrams. Account for the effects of friction in equilibrium. Present your work in a professional manner. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing in engineering. Concurrent enrollment in MTH 254. Meeting Times: Lecture MW, 11:00 – 11:50, 118 Dearborn Hall Recitation 2 hours a week; see Blackboard for details Instructor: Tonatiuh Rodriguez-Nikl Office 248 Owen Hall Office Hours Tuesday 2–3, Thursday 10-11 Open Door Policy 1 M–R 10–5 By Appointment Email [email protected] Phone 737-2057 Teaching Assistants: Recitation assignments and contact information posted on Blackboard Text: Bedford and Fowler, Engineering Mechanics: Statics , Fifth Edition, Prentice-Hall. Required Supplies: Engineering paper, pencil, engineering calculator, a three ring binder with dividers, and laptops for both lecture and recitation. Outline: The class will progress approximately as in the following table (it is subject to change as needed). You are responsible for completing reading assignments prior to lecture on the day indicated and for bringing completed homework assignments to 248 Owen Hall by 5 P.M. on the day indicated. 1 My Open Door Policy is that you may drop by at any time. I don’t guarantee I’ll be in the office, and I may have to ask you to come back in a little while, but if I am able I will gladly talk to you. 1
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Oregon State University College of Engineering ENGR 211 – Statics (F08) Week Day Topic Reading Homework 1 M Introduction W Review 1.1–2.5 HW 1 R/F HW 1 2 M Forces / FBDs 3.1–3.3 W Centroids / Dist. Loads 7.1–7.8 HW 2 R/F HW 2 3 M Moments 4.1–4.4 W Equiv. Systems 4.5 HW 3 R/F HW 3 4 M Equiv. Systems W Equilibruim 5.1–5.4 HW 4 R/F HW 4 5 M Equilibrium W
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