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Last Updated: 12-29-2008 ENGR 213-001 STRENGTH OF MATERIALS (3) Winter 2009 Instructor: Dr. Ronald W. Keil Rogers 406 737-7029 e-mail: keil@engr.oregonstate.edu Please send any e-mail to this address. Do not use the Reply function for any e-mail sent from my home; I cannot access this from campus. Office Hours: Please see “HOURS.xls” on the class Web site or call, or stop by, or catch me in the hall. The office door is almost always open when I’m in, and you are welcome – nay, encouraged – to drop by for help or just general discussion. I’m generally in the office three mornings a week, leaving for the day at about noon, again on the afternoon of my Recitation or if you’ve made an appointment. My schedule is posted on the Web (see below) and outside my office door. Class Schedule: MWF 0900 - 0950 Gilfillan Auditorium Informal Recitation: TBA Teaching Assistant: TBA Assignment Posting: Homework and reading assignments (213 SCHEDULE.xls) as well as this syllabus and other documents including an occasional README are available online at: \\stak\classes\engr\winter2009\engr213-001\public_html or find the same site at classes.engr.oregonstate.edu/engr/winter2009/engr213- 001/ . The address in unix is /nfs/stak/a2/classes/engr/winter2009fall2008/engr213-001. Posting: Selected homework solutions will be posted on the Web site after the day they are due. Certain solutions and additional information will also be posted from time to time at the addresses above. Check frequently! 2003-2004 Catalog data: “Properties of structural materials; analysis of stress and deformation in axially loaded members, circular shafts, and beams, and in statically indeterminate systems containing these components. PREREQ: ENGR 211.” The prerequisite (or co-requisite) will be strictly enforced. TEXT: Bedford, A., and K. M. Liechti, Mechanics of Materials , Prentice-Hall, 2000. A copy is in the Reserve Book Room in the library, on two-hour reserve. Reference: Roark, R. J., Formulas for Stress and Strain , Fourth Edition, McGraw-Hill, 1965 (in my office) Course Coordinator: B. Bay, Mechanical Engineering
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Course Description: The relationships listed below will be developed and then applied to engineering situations along with that nebulously defined but very important concept, “Engineering Judgement”. Much use will be made of demonstrations and applications to “real life” situations. Learning Outcomes: To meet the ABET requirements students completing this course will complete as a minimum the following Course Learning Outcomes: 1. Understand and be able to work with the basic definitions of stress and strain. 2.
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213 Syllabus - Last Updated: 12-29-2008 ENGR 213-001...

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