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Gene Action and Interaction, outline – Lecture 6 2007 Gene Action and Interaction [Reading: SS 65-80; CR 260-263] Allelic interaction, variation and function Dominance – one member of an allelic pair is expressed, but not the other Incomplete dominance –heterozygote expresses a phenotype intermediate to either homozygote Codominance -Both alleles of a pair produce independent effects when heterozygous Multiple alleles – more than 2 alleles in a population, polymorphic locus Wild type – standard phenotype for comparison Designated as +, a + Mutant alleles – others at the a locus, e.g. a 5 , a m , a per-1 Null allele – mutant allele that lacks a functional product Allelic effects Neutral mutations – have no obvious phenotype Visible mutations – are able to be evaluated with the naked eye Sterile mutations – limit male or female reproduction Lethal mutations – limit survival Dominant lethals are lost the next generation Recessive lethals result in 2:1 ratios Alleles in light of gene function
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lecture_notes_10_22_07 - Gene Action and Interaction...

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