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What’s weight got to do with it? “the primary concern of overweight and obesity is one of health and not appearance.” – surgeon general Defining overweight and obesity o Overweight Moderate amount of excess body fat o Obesity Excess body fat that adversely affects health o Morbid obesity Body weight exceeding 100% of normal, creating high risk for serious health complications Evaluating Body weight o Healthy body weight indices Body mass index Body comp Pattern of fat distribution Body composition o Adipose vs. lean tissue o Bod pod o Underwater weighing o Skinfold measurements o Bioelectric impedance analysis o DEXA Contributing facter o Genetics – 25% of body composition Theories suggest impact of genetics on body fat Thrifty gene theory o A gene that causes people to energetically thrifty o People with this gene expend less energy then other people and therefore gain weight A thrifty gene has not been identified Protein: orexin may be linked
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11.15 - o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o

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