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10.10 - • industrial workers 90000 • 20000 farmers •...

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The communist regime in china People’s republic of china 1950s to the early 1960s State structure o Chinese communist party – strongest 4 mil members at start – 5 million by 1950s Central committee Proletariat o Formal government struction o The army Reshaping life and culture according to ideology o E.g. reforming the writing system and Chinese calligraphy Calligraphy Elitist writing o Simplification of traditional Chinese characters Reduce the number of strokes of difficult characters Tried to popularize calligraphy Wanted to create a square in every city o Political enemies were not allowed into square o Tiananmen square was part of the imperial square 7000 people capacity New one built 1959 400000 people capacity o National day 1952 Parade 100 gun salute Army parade ceremonial vanguard 1000 performers young students – members of young pioneer
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Unformatted text preview: • industrial workers 90000 • 20000 farmers • Grand athletic army 3000 • Grand artistic army 5000 • Tensions of the communist regime o The CCPs control vs. the party’s liberal image E.g. the hundred flowers campaign 1957 • College professors said that CCP economic planning was bad • Said they ignored basic education Transformed to anti-rightist campaign • Rightists are bad The great leap forward (1958) – som, backyard furnaces, steel-making • Securing china’s place in the world o Perceiving the US as imperialist o Trining to seek friends o Korean war (1950-3) – mao’s military romanticism, armistice in 1953, the Chinese perception of the war o Communist troops in korea until 1958 o 70% of army in korea o 400,000 lost...
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10.10 - • industrial workers 90000 • 20000 farmers •...

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