11.6 - a. cannot conquer violence with violence i. 7....

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Challenge to imperialism: India 1. challenge to imperialism took different ways a. one major form: critiquing modernity and reviving tradition i. b. India – background i. Officially ruled by Britain from 1858 1. 300 mil people ii. 1919 – amristar massacre iii. The national congress ( a political organization) – founded in late 19 th century 1. founded by hindu elite a. talk about independence all the time 2. collaborated with the Muslim league a. always felt manipulated by british iv. India’s participation in the first world war – problems 1. revealed the weaknesses in the west 2. British response v. Mohandas Gandhi (1869 – 1948) 1. born into a lealthy family in porbandar 2. education in England 3. experience in south Africa a. catalyst 4. considered himself part of the british empire still 5. 1909, wrote “Indian home rule” 6. how should one act in pursuit of india’s independence
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Unformatted text preview: a. cannot conquer violence with violence i. 7. returned to India in 1915 8. by 1920, he successfully transformed the movement for independence, which had been very elitist, into a popular movement 9. why the success? a. Analyze the factors like his symbolic resistance and strategies b. Resistance strategy and his philosophy c. The famous salt march i. How was his philosophy implemented in this important episode of indias fight for independence d. Embracing tradition; critiquing modernity e. What type of civilization did he want 10. a controversy: his view on women a. Take care, of inside family: women b. Men outside of family 11. his relationship with his wife 12. his view on womens education vi. Nehru was interested in modernization...
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11.6 - a. cannot conquer violence with violence i. 7....

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