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11.27 - organizations o Conference in bretton woods new...

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Globalization and resistance Definition of the term o Regional interaction and transnational travel at all cultural, economic, and political levels. But people always center on the economic level companies for globalization Who are they? Nike Coca-cola Microsoft The roots/process of globalization o Started in the age of imperialism o The importance of the U.S. Commercial interests and the state 1886 – supreme court stated a corporations given same rights as individual Free speech = advertising o In the post-war period: key features of market liberalism Market-oriented ideology; free market, free flows of resources Assumes that economy is always growing Free market Removal of barriers Flow of capitol o Another angle: the development of interactions, intergovernmental
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Unformatted text preview: organizations o Conference in bretton woods, new Hampshire o World bank (International Bank for Reconstruction and Development) o IMF (International Monetary Fund) Fights economic stability o General Agreement of Tariffs and Trade (GATT) o 1990s another major organization founded World trade organization o Critiques of globalization A success story/a controversial case based in Oregon – Nike From local to global Why asia Criticism of the company Nike changed • No one under 18 • Provided food • Payed according to govn. Minimum wage standards o The world bank and IMF Problem of governance The structural adjustment loans...
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