11.29 - Resisted by talking shit about land owners Put...

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Global culture/ resistance to globoliization The rise of a monoculture(the non-western world’s fascination with western culture) o The success story of Disneyland (the hong kong Disneyland as an example o Disney’s respect for Fengshui Lakes and streams o The date for grand opening September 12, 2005 Lucky day for business openings o Disney shops No clocks for sale Giving a clock is equivalent to funeral Green hat Man wearing green hat has a wife that is cheating on him Everyday resistance o Malaysia 1960s and 70s Borrowed money from world bank Used for mudra irrigation project (located on kedah plain) Considered a huge success by 1974 by world bank Bad news o Inequality in land access and income Post harvest rent negotiation Land change o Forsaking tradition Post harvest rent eliminated o Introduction of double-cropping o Peasants fought back: “weapons of the weak” what was that?
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Unformatted text preview: Resisted by talking shit about land owners Put pressure on land owners Smashed machines Filled gas tank with mud Put trees on road • Resistance and religion o Sulak sivaraksa, thai activist, social critic, nobel prize nominee o Seeds of peace Buddhist ideas used by him: interdependence between things • What does it mean for individuals and their selves? Using Buddhism to critique capitalism and globalization • Capitolism and budhism are opposite • Capitalism based on greed? • Problems caused by globalization and capitalism in Thai society o Livelihood More people went to mall than to temple o Desires (for?) o Quantitative approach to measuring success Why did people in south (poor, developing countries) still want capitalism? The local elite’s perspective The ordinary peoples perspective...
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11.29 - Resisted by talking shit about land owners Put...

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