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Study Guide 2006 - Study Guide: first mid-term (Tentative;...

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Study Guide: first mid-term ( Tentative; in case there are changes, they will be announced in class or on blackboard) Bring a blue book to the exam . Reading In this study guide, I list the documents you should read, and the pages from the textbook that you should focus on (it will be useful if you scan through all assigned chapters to know what they are about—a balanced reading of the book gives you a better framework to remember the facts. But regarding your preparation for the mid-term, the terms of the first section [matching] are from your sourcebook, from “The Communist Manifesto,” or from the pages of your textbook that I list in this study guide) Sourcebook ( Andrea and Overfield) document 44 (Cahier of the Third Estate of the City of Paris) document 45 (Petition of Paris women of the Third Estate to Louis XVI) document 61 (Testimony before Parliamentary Committees on Working Conditions) document 62 (Samuel Smiles, “Self-Help” and “Thrift”) document 63 ( The Communist Manifesto , excerpt) document 64 ( Sarah Stickney Ellis, “The Wives of England”) document 65 ( Ohio Women’s Convention of 1850, “Resolutions”) document 67 (Jules Ferry, “Speech before the French Assembly”) document 68 (Advertisements and Illustrations from British Books and Periodicals) document 84 (Iwasaki Yataro, “Letter to Mitsubishi Employees”) document 47 (Simon Bolivar, “The Jamaica Letter”) document 78 (Rammohun Roy, “Letter to Lord Amherst”) The Communist Manifesto (entire) by Marx and Engels Textbook (don’t need to read sections entitled “individuals in societies” and “Listening to the Past”) Chapter 21 The Revolution in Western Politics-- focus on the French Revolution (pp. 664-684) Chapter 22 The Industrial Revolution in Europe—read the entire chapter Chapter 23 The Triumph of Nationalism in Europe—focus on four sections in this chapter. They are “Radical Ideas and the Romantic Movement” (pp. 725-730), “Reforms and Revolutions” (pp. 731-735), “Life in Urban Society” (pp. 742-751), and “Marxism and the Socialist Movement”(pp. 758-759) Chapter 24 Africa, Southwest Asia and Western Imperialism--entire (except the pretty short subsection entitled “Islamic Revival and Expansion, pp. 787-8) Chapter 25 Asia in the Era of Western Imperialism--entire (except the subsections entitled “The Dutch East Indies” [p. 807], “Mainland Southeast Asia” (pp. 807-9], “the Philippines” [pp. 809- 810], “Korea” [p. 818], and “The movement of peoples” [pp. 819-822]) Mid-term Study List (this is a tentative list, in case there are changes, I shall announce them in class, and on blackboard) Section I. Identification (Matching) 20% of your grade Now you are provided with List A. 12 items from this list will be given in the text. You choose 10 of them. You are required to match each of the terms you choose to another item (terms,
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concepts, names, expressions, phrases or quotations) from List B (which shall be provided during
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Study Guide 2006 - Study Guide: first mid-term (Tentative;...

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