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Second mid-term Take-home exam World History 106 Fall 2006 (In case there are changes, I shall announce them on blackboard or in class) This exam covers the movies “Gandhi” and “Wild Swans,” and information in your textbook and sourcebook related to the two movies. Regarding topics and materials which we discuss after the first mid-term but are not covered in this mid-term, they will be parts of the final exam. I. Materials To prepare for the second mid-term, you need to analyze the following categories of information: --movie “Gandhi” --movie “Wild Swans” --lecture notes related to India’s Independence, the Chinese revolutions and the Chinese Communist regime --Textbook: chapters 28 and 32 (pages related to China and India) --Sourcebook: “Indian Home Rule,” “Reports on an Investigation of the Peasant Movement in Hunan,” and “Strategic Problems of China’s Revolutionary War” --if you like, you can also reread The Communist Manifesto (or go over lecture notes on
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