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Unformatted text preview: French Revolution (1789­1815, roughly defined) French Revolution (1789­1815, roughly defined Focus of discussion: ideas and values of the French Revolution and its global ramifications Background: ­­fiscal challenge that forced the king (Louis XVI) to convene a meeting of the Estates General ­­Estates General: Clergy Nobility And everyone (including the bourgeoisie) ­­long existing social tensions the discontent of the bourgeoisie the discontent of the peasants grievances expressed in cahier The Revolution ­­1789: Estates General met in May of that year ­­in June, the Third Estate founded the National Assembly ­­“Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen” Major features of the Declaration The concept of right(s)—was it an original idea? The concept of sovereignty the complexity of the Declaration: the issue of equality ­­1792: the rise of revolutionary radicalism the Jacobin club The Republic and National Convention Robespierre and terror International Reponses to the Revolution: 1789 to early 19th century ­­example 1. French Revolution and the U.S. 1.initial response: support for the revolutionaries (admiration for Lafayette) 2.the emergence of two different views on the revolution the Federalists (George Washington, John Adams, Alexander Hamilton) vs. the Republicans (Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe) 3.the response of the public, publications and democratic societies ­­example 2. Haiti (St. Dominigue) , a French Colony 1.Slave trade—sending Africans to the Western Hemisphere 2. Criticisms of slave trade and slavery in the 19th century 3. French Revolution and slavery—Francois Toussaint­ L’Ouverture 4. Haiti as a republic Pictures Pictures An English view on two types of manners: aristocratic vs. revolutionary Allegory of truth guillotine ...
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