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Unformatted text preview: Introduction Introduction Goal: Learning the history of modernity and the contemporary world Concept: what is history?? Is it a fixed body of knowledge about the Past? What else? Our approach to world History—studying the important trends of the modern and contemporary world 1. Triumph of the West—what is the West? Our course: examining the themes defining the West Why is it important for us to study the West? Important themes? 2. the place of the non­West in the modern/contemporary era responses to the West? Important themes? 3. the complexity of the West—not a homogenous whole the complexity of the non­West—responses to the West varied (vary) 4. “New” trends in the contemporary age (since WWII) immigration, terror, transnational capital… Reading/Requirements Textbook, sourcebook, Communist Manifesto, Seeds of Peace One in­class exam One take­home exam One final exam ...
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