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Math 252, Fall 2007 NAME (print) ___ KEY __________________________________ Scarborough Exam 1 Form 1 NAME (sign) __________________________________________ Student Number _______________________________________ Recitation Time (circle one) 12:00 2:00 4:00 This exam is closed book. A scientific calculator is required. This exam has 7 pages with 17 problems. You should scan all the problems before you begin the test so you can plan out your time. The time limit on this exam is 50 minutes. Remember multiple choice does not necessarily mean quick answer. Please record your answers to problems 1 through 16 on the provided Scantron sheet using a #2 pencil . Do all work on the exam sheet. No scratch paper is allowed. Each of the multiple choice problems is worth 5 points. No partial credit will be given for the multiple choice problems. Mark and bubble the form number of the exam on the front of the Scantron sheet . This exam is Form 1 . Problem 1 is worth 5 points Problems 2 – 11 are worth 6 points each. Problems 12 – 16 are worth 4 points each. Problem 17 is worth 15 points. For problem 17 you must show all work for full credit. 1. I have properly recorded the form number of this exam on the Scantron sheet. This exam is Form 1. I have properly put and bubbled my name and student number on the Scantron form.
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This note was uploaded on 03/15/2009 for the course MTH 252 taught by Professor Smith during the Spring '08 term at Oregon State.

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mth252f07e1v1key - Math 252, Fall 2007 Scarborough Exam 1...

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