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Midterm 2 - PH211 Midterm 2 Conceptual Questions(10 points...

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PH211 Midterm 2 (Nov 14, 2007) Conceptual Questions (10 points each – explanations are required for full points): (Please use page 1 for the first two questions, and page 2 for the last question and bonus question, you may write on the backs if needed – TRY TO LIMIT THIS TO ONLY A FEW SENTENCES PER QUESTION and MANAGE YOUR TIME!) 1. (10 points) By what factor would your weight increase if you were to visit a planet that had a mass 3 times that of earth and a radius that is half of earth’s radius? Explain your reasoning (you can use an equation in your explanation). You may ignore the rotational velocity of each planet when determining the effective weight. 2. (10 points) Imagine you place a block on a ramp, and raise the ramp just until the block slips (at which point you keep the ramp at that same angle). Describe the motion of the block just after it slips and explain your reasoning, explicitly mentioning relative magnitudes of the forces involved. (Assume the block and ramp are made of wood.) 3. (10 points) Do you feel lighter in an elevator accelerating upward, downward, or moving at constant
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