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Midterm1_practice_problems - bucket Explain for full credit...

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Practice problems for Ph212 midterm 1 (Feb 6, 2008) Conceptual questions (you will have 3-4 questions of this type) (also look at the voting questions solved in class and the daily lecture questions): 1. Explain the continuity equation – what does it state, and why is it true? 2. Is it easier to rotate an object where the mass is concentrated away from the axis, or close to the axis? (By ‘easier’ – we mean less work done to achieve the same angular speed). 3. How can you most effectively apply a force to change the angular momentum of an object? How does this relate to the equation for torque? 4. A toy boat carrying a rock is floating in a bucket of water. The rock is pushed overboard, into the bucket, and sinks. What happens to the water level in the
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Unformatted text preview: bucket. Explain for full credit. 5. What happens when you sit in a chair (that can rotate) and you take a spinning tire and try to tilt it? What physics law explains this? Using vectors, explain which way you will turn given your choice of initial tilt of the spinning tire. Show work problems – these are all from your text (you will have 3-4 questions of this type, including subparts asking about 1 piece of the grading rubric used for homework, such as explaining your assumptions or evaluating your result) : Chpt 13: 48 (5.6x10-3 m 3 /s), 54 (2.2 m/s and 1.8 atm), Chpt 12: 87, 97 Chpt 11: 25, 35 Chpt 10: 93, 97, 109 Also look at problems solved in class and for homework (both assigned and optional)...
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