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ExampleProblem - Book 10.15 10.15 la. A small rubber wheel is used to drive a large pottery wheel, and they are mounted so that their edges touch without slipping. Find: (a) angular momentum, iX, for the large wheel (b) time for the large wheel to reach the angular speed 65 rpm (c) How many revolutions of the small wheel occur in this time? lc. We are told "without slipping," which means the wheels move together at the contact point. So the velocities of the two wheels must be equal, that is, Vs = VL or wsRs = wLRL. Also ~ = ~, so in the same time interval the tangential accelerations must be equal, atanS = atanL' 2a. Rotational kinematics apply since there is no translational motion. _ --:t. '). r J./ s'J. . cfS IC U i"\ r~ 'K
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Unformatted text preview: L'~ ? f:>c t"'1 :: O. 'l. ~ ""'" Rs:.J.Oc. ...-=0. ~ M ~ f).c,. 0( £ ~ S-= ~ L 1< L (=1,?~(. 02)-= ~ L (O.?-~ '> ~c¥h. I o(L-= D. S1-~ IQlot I stJ. b) ~c. . Wo =0, Wf-= 10C) +~t ~ lOt = + (0. S1lJ 1:=-= /:;,807-~oVb. 1 t-= n. g s 1 C)~G. L)e==wot+~o{5t~ b e ~ + ~ ( ? .';). )( ) I. g\r;). "3p\/L b e- -= C; 01 rOlJ , S~f)c.a. I ~Jol ~~bl') :: ~n: rfAd. ./ £j9-= ;o~~e.J= }80 ( re.vol",~on5. . 40. . ~~ le>.~ v->~I I~ o.bo~t I 0 +,~s. b~ ~ ~D we. e7<pcc.J.eJ I +0 hO\~ 10 f)~~ slower CA 0\.11 ' C>.11J. v-Je se.e 1l-1"S. e~t V'I o",r Sol"'hc,'1 +0 (6-) ~r c:J ~$O J ~pee.ol cN)of.-k~s. 3ee.M f)t. .~~'icco.ll~ re. ..~/\~bl~ +c;,c 0.. ~tI-u-.i w I.....
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