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Outline/Lecture Questions, Monday, Feb 4 Announcements: TAS will have hmwk 11 and 12 next Tuesday Chpt 14 Hmwk is due Monday - Optional problems: Questions 3,5,8,13 and Problems 5,11,13,33,43,55 - Required (using rubrics) 35,57, 60 (no rubrics needed for 60), 69,71 Your midterm is Wed the 6 th at 7:30 pm - Last Name starts with A-L: Glfn Auditorium - Last Name starts with M-Z: Cord 1109 ANY Calculator will be OK for the test – but no cell
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Unformatted text preview: phones!! Lecture Outline: 1.Discuss midterm format 2.Oscillations: Simple Harmonic Motion (SHM) 3.Relation between SHM and Circular motion 4.Mathematical and graphical representations of SHM Lecture Questions: 1.What conditions are necessary to obtain SHM 2.What does oscillation frequency depend on for a mass on a spring? How do you know? 3.How (generally) can you find amplitude and phase for a SHM problem?...
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