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Jan7 - Lecture Outline 1.Going over the syllabus and...

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Outline/Lecture Questions, Monday, Jan 7 Announcements: New students need to get PRS units If you completed 212 within the past 2 years with at least a D-, and completed all the labs you do not need to do them again – email me with when you took the class and your ID to get exemption First hmwk on Chpt 10 will be assigned soon – it is not due until next Friday This quarter we will try handing back hmwk via your lab TA – you must put your lab day and time on the top! There is no lab or recitation this week –start next week
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Outline: 1.Going over the syllabus and classroom expectations 2.Going over homework expectations 3.Starting chpt 10: Rotational motion 4.Distributing PRS units Lecture Questions: 1. What major simplifications are we making to analyze motion in this chapter? 2.What do we gain from introducing angular velocity as a new variable when we could analyze the motion using linear velocity? 3.How are the rotational variables similar to and different from the regular kinematics variables we’re used to?...
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