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Jan9 - when you took the class your grade and your ID •...

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Outline/Lecture Questions, Wednesday, Jan 9 Announcements: If you still need a book for 212, Debbie Hanussak is selling hers for $30 – email [email protected] Spots open in recitation (ph222) – average grade for people who took recitation was higher in ph211 First hmwk: due Fri, Jan 18th a. Optional problems (do not hand in): Questions 1,8,10,16,22 and Problems 17,23,31,47,59,65 and 73 b. Required problems – must be solved following the grading rubric: Problems 37, 95, 101, 103, 105 c. This quarter we will try handing back hmwk via your lab TA – put your lab day and time on the top! email me if you are eligible for lab exemption: include
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Unformatted text preview: when you took the class, your grade, and your ID # • There is no lab or recitation this week –start next week Lecture Outline: 1. Answering lecture questions from Mon, Jan 7 2. Testing PRS units with review questions 3. Rotational Kinematics and example problem 4. More details about rotations and a demo Lecture Questions: 1. How to apply the rotational variables 2. What useful simplifications does the rolling without slipping assumption give us? 3. When do I have to worry about the vector nature of the angular variables (and how do I determine them)?...
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