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Jan14 - Lecture Outline 1 Answering lecture questions from...

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Outline/Lecture Questions, Monday, Jan 14 Announcements: First hmwk: due Fri, Jan 18 th – posted on webpage and blackboard – submitted problems must follow the rubrics - Skip optional problem #47! Lab is in room 238 Lots of other useful stuff on blackboard now I will be minimally available outside office hours for the rest of Jan – please email me if you need to come in at other times Spots open in recitation (ph222) – average grade for people who took recitation was higher in ph211
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Unformatted text preview: Lecture Outline: 1. Answering lecture questions from Fri, Jan 11 2. More on finding the moment of inertia and relating torque to kinematics 3. Angular momentum and its conservation 4. Some fun demos 5. Rotational kinetic energy Lecture Questions: 1. How to find moment of inertia of a conglomerate object? 2. When is angular momentum conserved? 3. How does rotational kinetic energy relate to translational kinetic energy?...
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