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Outline/Lecture Questions, Wednesday, Jan 16 Announcements: First hmwk: due Fri, Jan 18 th – posted on webpage and blackboard – submitted problems must follow the rubrics - Skip optional problem #47! - Solutions to sample problems will be posted this evening Lab is in room 238 Lots of other useful stuff on blackboard now Lecture Outline: 1. Answering lecture questions from Mon, Jan 14 2. Demo showing energy conservation principles
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Solved example 4.Voting questions on energy conservation Lecture Questions: 1. (Covered Mon: why will a rolling object eventually stop since there is no kinetic friction and static friction does no work?) 2.Does the speed of an object at the bottom of the ramp depend on mass, radius, or I? Why? 3. Why will a sliding (no friction) box always beat a rolling object in a race down an incline?...
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