Jan18 - 2 Vector Cross Products 3 Generalizing our info from chpt 10 to any object 4 Using angular momentum for linear motion 5 Example problem(s

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Outline/Lecture Questions, Friday, Jan 18 Announcements: MAKE SURE YOUR LAB DAY AND TIME ARE CLEARLY NOTED ON YOUR HOMEWORK FOR EFFECIENTLY RETURNING THEM!! Homework for Chpt 11 is due Friday, Jan 25 - Optional problems: Questions 2,4,5, 10 and Problems 7,13,21,25 - Required (to be done following the rubrics): 37, 53 (you don’t need to use the rubric for this one), 63 Enjoy the long weekend!! See you next Wed. Lecture Outline: 1. Answering lecture questions from Wed, Jan 16
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Unformatted text preview: 2. Vector Cross Products 3. Generalizing our info from chpt 10 to any object 4. Using angular momentum for linear motion 5. Example problem(s?) Lecture Questions: 1. Why might we want to think about the angular momentum of a particle moving along a straight line? 2. What different ways do we have try to tackle these sorts of problems? When do we choose one method over another?...
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