Jan23 - 53(you don’t need to use the rubric for this one...

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Outline/Lecture Questions, Wednesday, Jan 23 Announcements: If you saw the accidentally posted chpt 11 solutions, make sure the ones you turn in are not identical! MAKE SURE YOUR LAB DAY AND TIME ARE CLEARLY NOTED ON YOUR HOMEWORK!! MODIFIED – Chpt 11 and Chpt 12 HMWK ARE COMBINED!! Homework for Chpt 11 and 12 is DUE MONDAY – Jan 28 (NOT Friday, Jan 25!!!) Optional problems: Chpt 11 Questions 2,4,5,10 and Problems 7,13,21,25, Chpt 12 Questions 4,9,10 and Problems 9,21,23,31,33 Required (to be done following the rubrics): Chpt 11: 37,
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Unformatted text preview: 53 (you don’t need to use the rubric for this one), 63, Chpt 12: 19, 71 (no rubrics for this one) and 81 Lecture Outline: 1. Answering lecture questions from Friday 2. More practice with Right Hand Rule 3. What conditions apply in static situations 4. Balance and equilibrium 5. Examples and voting questions Lecture Questions: 1. What are the conditions for static equilibrium? 2. What’s the difference between stable and unstable equilibrium? 3. What are the conditions for balance?...
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