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Outline/Lecture Questions, Monday, Jan 28 Announcements: We are 1 day behind on the syllabus NEW SCHEDULE IS POSTED!! (note the labs!!) TA times: TAS WILL HAVE HOMEWORK AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP DURING THEIR LAB TIMES, AND DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS - TA: Whitney: Lab times: Tues 6pm, Wed 3pm, Thurs 6pm, office hours Mon 8-10 in library - TA: Mike: Lab times: Tues 3pm, office hours Tues 2-3pm in Wormhole - TA: Josh: Lab times: Tues 9 and 12, Thurs 9, office hours Wed 1-2 and Fri 2-3 in Wormhole - TA: Sam: Lab times: Thurs 12 and 3, office
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Unformatted text preview: hours Thurs 8-9 in library • We’ll spend all this week on Chpt 13 – so your 3 rd hmwk assignment will be due later – Mon the 4 th !! • Your midterm is Wed the 6 th !! Lecture Outline: 1. pressure, buoyant force, density, floating/sinking 2. demos and examples Lecture Questions: 1. How do we know what floating/sinking depends on? 2. How do we know what the buoyant force depends on? 3. How can we derive the mechanical advantage?...
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