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Outline/Lecture Questions, Wednesday, Jan 30 Announcements: TAS WILL HAVE HOMEWORK AVAILABLE FOR PICK UP DURING ALL THEIR LAB TIMES, AND DURING THEIR OFFICE HOURS – they are posted on blackboard they’ll have sets 11 and 12 next Tuesday Chpt 13 Hmwk is due Monday - Optional problems: Questions 8,12,17,21 and Problems 13,15,31,49,51,55 - Required (using rubrics) 81, 91, 95, 97 Your midterm is Wed the 6 th at 7:30 pm – locations will be posted Friday
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Unformatted text preview: • ANY Calculator will be OK for the test – but no cell phones!! Lecture Outline: 1. Carbon Challenge Announcement 2. Answering lecture questions from Monday 3. Reviewing main ideas from yesterday: PRS 4. Continuity equation: PRS 5. Examples Lecture Questions: 1.What does flow rate mean? 2.What assumptions are involved with laminar flow? 3.On what conservation law does the continuity equation rely, and what does it tell us about fluid flow?...
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