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Unformatted text preview: Ian Holmes CE 201, Section 001 Nov. 6, 2007 Couch Potato: i. Discuss the difficulties with having to deal with a couch potato. It is hard to work with a couch potato because unlike “hitchhikers”, generally couch potatoes are generally nice, but just like “hitchhikers” they don’t get their job done. The problem is having to lay the strict rules for the couch potatoes. A couch potato can normally do the work well, and that’s one of the reasons they don’t work hard. It comes easy to them, so they have no drive. They do a lazy job because of lack of effort and then expect to get just a good of a grade as the group which probably worked hard. The coach potato brings everyone else down, while the group brings his/her grade up. ii. D iscuss why it is necessary to minimize the “couch potato” aspect on teamwork. For teamwork to be successful, there has to be an overall group effort. Everyone has to chip in, if one person is being a “couch potato” that’s when people feel they are...
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