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Scott Mettler - essay 1 wr121 - 1 Scott Mettler January 23,...

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Scott Mettler January 23, 2007 WR_121_022 Essay #1 Final Draft Thinking about Rhetoric: Levin, a Case for Torture Michael Levin’s “A Case for Torture” is a thought provoking article in favor of using torture in merited situations. Levin uses possible examples that put the reader in a position to choose using their own personal morals. His arguments are effective because the argument against the mind of the reader. Levin’s original audiences are the Newsweek subscribers. The way he goes about the persuasion in his piece is good for his paper’s target audience. His writing style is perfect for this type of media because it makes the reader think and question them self and is ultimately left wanting more from Levin. The context of his writing pertains to the modern day ethical question that seemingly needs to be asked, should the government be able to use torture? Using the prestige of his publisher, in this case Newsweek, he can sell his arguments to the public concerned about the present happenings and also to the people who are still trying to form their own opinions about ethics and other world issues. Newsweek readers are most likely his primary audience. His secondary audience could be people in philosophy classes or college or high school students in general because his thoughts are good for discussion and contemplation. Levin’s purposes for his argument might just to play devil’s advocate. However, Levin believes in something called reliabilism which is both the belief in the theory of knowledge and of justified belief (Levin, Wikipedia). Reliabilism allows us to understand 1
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Scott Mettler - essay 1 wr121 - 1 Scott Mettler January 23,...

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