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Scott Mettler January 23, 2007 WR_121_022 Informal Write #2 Toulmin Terms in Media During last years’ Super Bowl, Aleve put together a commercial with Leonard Nimoy complaining about how his hand hurts due to his arthritic pain. As he is talking to his manager on the phone, he threatens to cancel the speech because he cannot do his signature hand gesture. His manager suggests that he should take two Aleve and Nimoy agrees. Soon there after, Leonard Nimoy is able to walk on stage and in front of the crowd perform his hand gesture to the applause of the audience. The reason the
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Unformatted text preview: commercial aired during the Super Bowl is because arthritis is a significant issue for those who have it in America. What better way to reach the majority of Americans than to portray your commercial on the most watched sports event in the United States. The claim is that Aleve is able to relieve minor arthritic pain. The support is that Nimoy is able to present his hand gesture. The warrant is that he is an idol to many people of his generation and as his generation ages, so does he and he can relate with certain medical conditions....
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