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Scott Mettler - wr121 essay2

Scott Mettler - wr121 essay2 - Mettler 1 Scott Mettler...

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Mettler Scott Mettler February 27, 2007 WR_121_022 Essay #2 Is the War on Drugs worth it? Supply and demand drive free market and the United States is a prime example a free market system. As of now, 3.7 million Americans have reportedly used cocaine regularly, relatively equivalent to the entire population of Oregon (Cocaine, Wikipedia). Due to the demand of recreational drugs in the United States, the U.S. is attempting to restrict supply of these products to filter out American demands. Parts of Latin America have become infamous for their production of illicit drugs and exporting them worldwide, more specifically Colombia. With the United States in close proximity to Latin America and with the United States economic situation they are obligated to help Colombia and must implement their foreign policies and become the policeman of the West. Due to the responsibility of the United States, they must have had tremendous effect on Latin American economics and politics. The United States should continue its involvement in Latin America, more importantly Colombia, to stop the production and exportation of cocaine. Drug war policies of past years can help determine where the drug war should head in the future. The United States and Colombian relations have slowly progressed over time. At the conclusion of World War II, the U.S. became a prominent world power along with the Soviet Union. As the Cold War began, concern mounted about the Communist advance in Latin America. The United States courted the Colombians aggressively to try and stem the growth of Communism (Kirk, Pg 42). The United States did so by catering to the military. The paranoia of 1
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Mettler Communist expansion in the Western Hemisphere and the “Americans, in their secret intelligence surveys, estimated that there were no more than 2000 armed Communists in all of Colombia“(Kirk, Pg 52). This caused an initial troop build up in and around Colombia. “Though some may think South America’s threat to the United States is solely through drug cartels, the U.S. Ambassador to Colombia, Lewis Tambs, coauthored the Sante Fe Report detailing the communism in Latin America. At a briefing in April 1983, he said, ‘two songs on my harp, Marxism and drugs’” (Bowden, pg. 43). With Tambs Sante Fe Report the United States now began to see that not only was there a threat of communism, but drugs as well. As drugs in the United States became a prominent issue and received more negative media coverage, President Nixon took action and claimed that drugs are among the modern curse of the youth just like the plagues of epidemics of former years. He also stated drugs are decimating a generation of Americans. His administration, he promised, would ‘accelerate the development of tools and
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Scott Mettler - wr121 essay2 - Mettler 1 Scott Mettler...

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