The Mai-BQ rv

The Mai-BQ rv - The Mai, written by Marina Carr in 1995,...

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The Mai , written by Marina Carr in 1995, shared its title with the name of the lead character, an Irish mother who moves in to a new house with her children, grandmother she could now take in, and husband who she had reconnected with. The Mai reflected some things about Irish women that were changing in the late 1970s when the play was set, and some things that did not change as quickly. The other female characters have differing backgrounds, lifestyles, and feelings. This diversity helped to show how women’s lives were changing in Ireland as it became more secularized. The Mai was a highly educated woman who raised her children on her own means for five years preceding the start of the play (Carr 65, 49). This differed from the Irish Constitution of 1937, which had the goal of women tending life in the home and men providing for the family (Redlich). She would not have needed such extensive education to maintain her home and take care of her family, but it was obviously important to her and her loved ones that she went far in her studies. She also did not have her husband to raise the kids with her or even give financial support for those five years, so she had to work outside the home (Carr 45). This was uncommon, and before this time there could be more severe reactions to a mother on her own, especially single mothers even if the
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The Mai-BQ rv - The Mai, written by Marina Carr in 1995,...

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