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Irish women in the first half of the nineteenth century held the responsibilities and power of raising children and maintaining the home, but were disadvantaged in other areas compared to men (Fitzpatrick 64). As contributors to production and livelihood, their roles were subsidiary to men, and they had fewer opportunities for employment outside the home (64). With the coming of the Great Famine in the 1840s, women began to receive more positions in workhouses and those in great need began to receive poor aid preferentially over able-bodied men (Fitzgerald 58, 62). The tremendous migration from Ireland in the famine years saw an increase in the number of families leaving Ireland, and in later years other women (Irish-Catholic Immigration). Those women who stayed made due with what they had, and they now had to adjust to fundamental social change (Moody 227). Ireland remained under British
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Unformatted text preview: control, but with a decline in prosperity and a growing desire for a change and establishment of a distinctly Irish society (Moody 228). Both the creations of past cultures and those created in Ireland at the time became important. Artists of Ireland sought to establish an identity for Ireland that was unique but relatable to great ancient cultures. Others sought a politically self-sufficient Ireland, sparking a movement for home rule for Ireland. (Moody 245) After guerilla warfare paved the way for Irish self-governance, Northern Ireland legislated itself a separate country, its current status. Changes were instituted in the newly established Republic of Ireland, favoring the Catholic Church and leftist economic policies such as protectionism for businesses. Ireland has become more secularized and economically open and prosperous following recession depths around the 1980s....
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