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Role_Play_Script (1) - MEET AT 10:00 AM on WEDNESDAY! Role...

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MEET AT 10:00 AM on WEDNESDAY! Role Play Script –Group 2 Matt: ( Introduction to the Setting/Situation) What you are about to witness from the N. Ireland Parades Commission. The meeting is to address a recent disturbance from a request from Orange Lodge to parade through nationalist area of Belfast. It is set at Stormont Castle, which is N Ireland’s Government building. The gathered people include members of the government and representatives from the community of Belfast for their input on the situation. Matt: introduction of self as William Strong Molly: My name is Mary Williams, I am a member of the Alliance Party here in Belfast. etc… Jessica: introduction of self as Moira O’Brian. Jessica: The three of us make up the Parade commission council. And these are the community members joining us. Andy: Father Bertie O’Malley Adam: David Jones Laura: Susan Smith Dave: Rev. Harry Parker Ryan : Thomas Armstrong Molly: (to group) Welcome to Stormont Castle to the meeting of the Parades Commission. Again, I am Mary Williams and a member of the local Alliance Party. We are here to discuss the parade route (introduce map) of an upcoming orange parade set to take place on July 12 th . A local orange lodge has request that will be brought to us tonight by Mr. Thomas Armstrong. Ryan: Thank you Mrs. Williams, again, I am Thomas Armstrong, I am a DUP spokesperson and orange order member for over 2 decades. The orange order is a fraternal organization whose goal is promote and recognize the great history and traditions of the Protestant influence in Northern Ireland. The Orange Order also seeks to acknowledge British authority over Ireland
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Role_Play_Script (1) - MEET AT 10:00 AM on WEDNESDAY! Role...

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