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eryximachus speech - TheSpeechOfEryximachus DhruvDhawan

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The Speech Of Eryximachus Dhruv Dhawan 1. Eryximachus starts his speech by criticizing Pausanias’s speech and how it is inad- equately developed. The tone is condescending and this indirectly characterizes Eryx- imachus. He places places himself in a superior position than Pausanias as he tries to lead the previous argument to what he believes is a “logical conclusion.” Eryximachus makes 5 references to himself (I, Me, My own etc.) within the first paragraph also providing indirect characterization to the reader which seems egotistical and ‘self lov- ing.’ The reader is not attracted to this character by the first paragraph. Eryximachus tries to make the point that love occurs beyond the human soul, and is present in the entire universe. He believes that love directs everything not only in the human domain but also in the domain of gods. 2. Eryximachus continues constant direct reference to himself in the second paragraph, making 6 references. His pride for his position is made evident and from this point on- wards is hammered into the reader’s head. He brings about the idea that dissimilar ob- jects desire and love each other, and that opposites love and desire objects that are themselves dissimilar. Eryximachus continues to say that the body manifests two spe- cies of love, one healthy and the other diseased. He believes all healthy love should be gratified while diseased love should be “frustrated and rebuffed.” He believes this is the job of a doctor, another reference to himself, and once again placing himself on a ped- estal. 3. While reading this paragraph, the reader gets the sense that Eryximachus is teach- ing his idea of love rather than praising or explaining his praise. He is constantly talking about the job of the practitioner, what a good practitioner should do etc. He makes a ref- erence to another medical figure, asclepius to clarify and justify his point that love is found between opposites. Eryximachus makes reference to opposites that are simple, but he does not mention the male and the female which is something the reader can re- late to. This indirectly expresses Eryximachus’s view on homosexuality vs. male-female
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eryximachus speech - TheSpeechOfEryximachus DhruvDhawan

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