Week 7 part I

Week 7 part I - Week 7 part I Key concepts Atlantic Charter...

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Week 7 part I Key concepts Atlantic Charter Military citizenship Magnuson Repeal of the Chinese exclusion act 1943 Luce- Celler Act General John DeWitt Executive Order 9066 Internment and concentration camps Great Depression - 1929 to 1939 - 25 to 30% unemployment - GNP dropped from 103 Billion to 55 B (1933) - 1931 to 1932 Dust Bowl migration - FDR New Deal – federal funded programs – restore and reform economy (federal gov’t is beginning to intervene in labor relationships, what housing, social welfare, education should look like) - Relieve suffering of unemployed A. Wartime manpower 1. Demographic transformations 1920-1930’s - American- born generations - Mixed race families - Filipinos turned from US nationals to “aliens” 1934 Tydings McDuffie (Many jobs became unavailable for them because of this act) - 1935 Welch Act Repatriation (Filipinos) - Racial barriers in employment 2. Mobilizing Asian Family Society - Women reformers - Reducing Infant mortality and death in childbirth - Training mothers and fostering healthy children
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- Chinese & Japanese families (needs in their community that are not being met by society) Respectable Domesticity Married families, raising children Health and moral standards Domestic life producing good citizens Opposed to vice culture of bachelor society, prostitution, opium dens, gambling 3. Total War and the war economy - Restructuring the economy for war – boom in war industries and employment demands - Increase money supply - Forcible savings – war bonds - Highest income marginal rate taxation - Persistent unemployment Federal Intervention
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Week 7 part I - Week 7 part I Key concepts Atlantic Charter...

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