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10 - Introductory Archaeology Problem 1 Reconstruct and...

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Introductory Archaeology 2/10/09 Problem 1 o Reconstruct and describe in text cultural periods using the pottery only , from the earliest to the latest. Indicate with brackets on Figure 1 the stratum (a) associated with each cultural period. You may use letters (e.g. “A”, “B”, “C”, etc.) as period names or make up names of your own. o Turn in our text description (no longer than 1 pg. single- spaced) and Figure 1 showing your brackets. Problem 2 o Describe the sequence in bottle styles from earliest to latest. Be sure to include descriptions of the styles themselves. Make notes on Figure 2. (Hint – information provided in Problem 1 will help) o Turn in your text description (no longer than 1 g. single- spaced and Figure 2 with your notes. Problem 3 = EC *** these assignments are worth 3 points on your overall grade Chronology = A sequence of things in time
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Relative Chronology o Relative sequence – we can create a sequence in time, but we can’t apply dates. We know what came first, second, etc. but
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