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08 - bride price-payment by man to the family of his bride...

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4 kinds of social organization -band, tribes, chiefdoms, state 6 preindustrial Indian cities in americas and cultures - Toronto (wyndotte indians) Cahokia in st. louis, abandonded (mississippi mounders) Chaco canyon abandoned in new mexico (anazasi) tenochlitlan (aztecs) kaminaljuju guatamala city (maya) cuzco peru (inca) ABANDONDED CITIES MOST IMPORTANT ARCEHOLOGICAL SITES IN AMERICA Halloween brought by irish, celtic new year -catholics gave up stopping Halloween, made it all saints day 1601 by papel edict -intentional or unintentional use of power to isolate, separate and exploit others endogamy -required marriage within specific kinship group exogamy -requires to marry outside their group patrilocal- lives with father’s family (resident styles) matrilocal- lives with mothers family unilocal- young couple sets up own house
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Unformatted text preview: bride price-payment by man to the family of his bride bride service-groom works for brides family to hope to marry her 75% of worlds societies, specific economic exchange occurs when couple marries na (china) - women never marry and never move away from their families, male lovers are visitors ½ the society practices monogamy, ½ serial monogamy (married to 1 at a time, but more then 1 over a lifetime) in America pair bonding – people living together without being married definition of religion- organized system of shared supernatural beliefs-2 dimensions- private function of religion and public function of religion-ritual- public function of religion genetic difference between all people is .012% dinka-tallest people on earth (in sudan) eefie- shortest (ziere Africa) means we arose from Africa...
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